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Our Children's Foods

Staged Milk Formulas: Babies and toddlers 

        For more than a century, Mead Johnson Nutrition has led the way in developing safe, high-quality, innovative products to help meet the nutritional needs of infants and children. In Haiti their brands are exclusively distributed by M. Villedrouin & Co., Succrs.

- Enfacare Lipil
- Premium Lipil Enfant
- Gentlease lipil
- A.R. Lipil
- ProSobee Lipil
- Nutramigen Lipil
- Pregestimil Lipil

Alacta Plus

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Protein (Powder):  From 12 months
The best nutrition for the Best Minds

               Sustagen, a product of Mead Johnson Nutrition, is ideal for breakfast and snacks because it is nutritious, delicious and easy to prepare.

3 delicious flavors:
- Vanilla
- Chocolate
- Strawberry

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Cereals: infants


The M.Villedrouin & Co., Succrs. represents the range of infant cereals Nutribén which has, for all babies, real nutritional interest because it is:

- An excellent source of energy in small volume (small eaters).
- A complete and balanced composition.
- A formula enriched with vitamins and minerals.
- An excellent flavor and a velvety texture.
- A perfect stage for the first steps towards a solid diet

Product range at MVCO

From 4 months:

- Crema de arroz                                 

- Sin gluten                   

- Inicio a la fruta                                                   

From 6 months:

- Crecimiento

- 5 cereales

- 8 cereales y miel

- 8 cereales y miel Calcio

- 8 cereales et miel Ef. Bifidus

From 12 months:

- Cacao con galletas María

- Desayuno - Copos de trigo

- Desayuno - Copos de trigo y frutas

- Desayuno - Papilla de trigo y frutas                                        

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Nutritional Juices: From 4 months

All Nutribén juices have the following characteristics:

- They are fortified with vitamin C
- They do not contains added sugar, preventing cavities of infants and prevent future disease.
- They do not contain gluten, dyes.

Product range at MVCO:
- Zumo de manzana (Apple juice)
- Zumo de uva y zanahorias (Grape & carrot juice)
- Zumo 3 frutas (3 fruits juice)
- Zumo frutas variadas (Mixed fruit juice)

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