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Household Products:

Flexible Sealer by Home Armor

Liquid Rubber in a can - The fast, easy way way to repair leaks around your home. 
Moisture control:

       DampRid Moisture Control Products are an efficient, convenient and economical way to rid your home of the humidity that can cause musty odors and moisture damage. DampRid’s calcium chloride crystals absorb excess moisture and musty odors from the air. DampRid works automatically, requires no installation. It’s the best natural method of moisture control you can find!

Product range at MVCO:

- Sachet
- Hanging dehumidifier (1/pack)
- Hanging dehumidifier (3/pack)
- Hanging dehumidifier (CEDAR)
- Hanging Moisture Absorber Lavender Vanilla (New)
- Hanging Moisture Absorber *Activated Charcoil* (New)
- Refillable container
- Refill pack 42oz

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